What Is The Difference Between Gynaecologist And Obstetrician

Gynaecologist and obstetrician both are the doctors that specialize in the treatment of the women’s health related problems. A gynaecologist however covers almost all the problems of the women among with some other problems as well that could be common in both women and men. On the other hand the obstetrician is the doctor who only deals with the problems of pregnancy and childbirth. In an obstetrician clinic the gynaecologist and the obstetrician both work together to give the proper care and treatment to the women who are expecting through their journey.

Most of the doctors who come up in this domain usually have worked on both the obstetrician and gynaecology. In some cases, some specialization is required to handle a certain serious and complicated case. In such situations the doctor who has a specialization in the domain is called to assist. However, the women are mostly healthy but there comes some days when there are women who go through various complications during their nine month period. Immediate help and hands on procedures are very much part of the job of both these doctors.

The gynaecologist deals with the problems that could incur in the female organs such problems which prevent the women from conceiving or cause infertility. The job of the gynaecologist is to find out the problem in these organs and treat them so that the ability of the reproduction in the women could be restored. The work of gynaecologist requires much more knowledge and experience about several other kinds of disorders which could damage the female organs.

On the other hand the obstetrician is not concerned with the treatment of the well beings and health of the female organs rather the job of the obstetrician is to deal with the women who are already pregnant and they need constant monitoring and treatment throughout their journey. The task of the obstetrician could also be managed and handled by the good gynaecologist but there are some special tasks of the gynaecologist which cannot be apprehended by the obstetrician.

Although with the advent of the technology, many tools and equipment have been developed which help both the obstetrician and gynaecologist in their work and they can treat and take care of the women much more efficiently. The invent of ultrasound machines has made it possible for the doctors to look in the womb to see whether the baby is fine or not. There are number of other equipment through which the heartbeat of the baby can be detected as well.