Not Much Info

When it comes to finding out about work boots in Brisbane there doesn’t seem to be much information out there, other than where to buy them and how much they cost, there aren’t even all that many reviews on them, just to say they are comfortable and seem to wear well over time. It is an arid landscape when you are trying to gather a bit of information about them, even the home webpage doesn’t work, so there is no help there. Other brands have scads of reviews and consumer opinions most of which is positive but for an Australian brand company you would think there would be a bit more available to see.

The Mongrel brand came out in 2002 through Victor Footwear and the name was an absolute hit so the company decided to rebrand all their shoes Mongrel which lead to higher sales and an expanded sales market, instead of just supplying New South Wales they are now available all over Australia, which has something to do with the marketing campaign they took on as well as availing themselves of the internet and starting up a website, which apparently is not working. Not such a great review in itself, but like many other work shoes they follow the normal standard of having zip ups, lace ups, steel caps and all with arch support and some with added ankle support, depending on what you need for the job you are in. Most heavy physical labour needs protective shoes of some kind and they never come cheap and if they do they are normally not worth wearing anyway and cause more problems than what you started with, being on your feet all day and having sore, uncomfortable, bleeding feet halfway through the day does not a good workday make. So you might as well spend the extra cash to make sure that you get suitable boots for the industry you are in.

No matter what shoes you buy however you are still going to end up with aching tired feet by the end of the day, there is no getting around this and you can’t blame your shoes that is simply life and the wear and tear on the human body after performing a hard day’s work but with the proper Huski clothing online in Australia you can minimise the impact of harm that your feet will suffer. It isn’t just your feet either that suffer if you have ill-fitting, ill-suited boots, your legs will deal with extra strain and you will suffer from extra back pain due to your skeletal frame being under constant pressure to try and readjust to a proper alignment, all because your boots are not supporting you as they should. It will eventually affect your entire physical structure if you don’t go and get proper boots, you will end up with aches and pains that there is no good explanation for.